Permaline Installations

This is a short listing of regulation size soccer fields, junior soccer fields,
micro soccer fields, baseball foul lines, football fields and other line markers.

USA: Do-It-Yourself installations: MD, RI, OH (Carl Ripken field), IN, FL, SC, RI, MA, AL, TN, WI, IL, MN, CA (11 baseball fields in Burbank), AZ, NV, CT (US Air Force base), N.Y (Cooperstown Village) and (US Army base)

Canada: Canadian Air Force bases, and the Canada Games 2013 in Quebec, New Brunswick, Ontario, (Fastball championships) Alberta, British Columbia.

Europe: UK, France, Ireland, Belgium

Asia: Taiwan, Japan (US Army base), Saudi Arabia

... and many other areas.


Our lines are approved by FIFA for soccer fields with natural grass fields since June 2017 Click Here for FIFA law change