Q How long will the lines last?
A Permaline synthetic lines will last 10 years or more.
Q How do the lines stay in place?
A 1) By securing the lines with turf pegs
2) By infilling the artificial grass with special Permaline infill.
Q Do mowers cut the lines?
A No, the lines are installed at ground level. This enables you to mow right over Permaline.
Q Who can install Permaline?
A You can do it yourself, or with an accredited installer.
Q What special equipment is needed to install Permaline?
A 1) A special Permaline sod cutting tool.
2) A special Permaline sod cutter blade
3) A topdresser
4) Hand tools (hoe, shovel, rake etc.)
Q Can we install Permaline on a newly sodded field?
A Yes, about 2 weeks after the sod has been installed.
Q Can we play right after the lines are installed?
A Yes, you may play immediately. You do not need to reschedule games.
Q Can the lines be taken out to repair the sod?
A  Yes, this can be done with our special Permaline sod cutting tools.
Q Do we have to wear special footware to play on a field with Permaline?
A  No, any normal type of footwear is acceptable.
Q Have there been many injuries associated with Permaline installations on natural grass fields?
A No, there have been no reported injuries on Permaline equipped fields.


What are the benefits of Permaline?


No more chalking, no more painting and it saves you time and money.