We are pleased to provide some information to you concerning our company and our current products. We are located in Quebec, Canada and the firm has been in the business of sports fields now for more than 30 years. Our founder / president has invented many items during this timeframe; expressly for sports fields, most notably the two outlined below.

It all started with a simple idea...

The first product was invented in 2002, a permanent marking system for natural grass sport fields called LineTurf (formerly known as Permaline). It is now sold around the globe. Over 15 million people play on fields where LineTurf marking lines are installed. Recently our president in association with Soccer Canada, was instrumental in having changes made to the laws of IFAB/FIFA so that permanent marking lines can be installed on natural grass fields. Since 2016 mixed surface fields were not approved by IFAB/FIFA but now these lines are the only type lines made from synthetic materials are now accepted for use on natural grass mixed fields.
Click here to view the changed law from IFAB/FIFA. [PDF]

Permaline/LineTurf Looks Like and Plays Like” any full synthetic field but on natural grass!

The second product of note came about after hearing of many children getting hurt or killed after soccer goals tipped over, falling on them. He saw that many types of anchoring systems were on the market using sand bags, turf nails, fancy hooks etc. but unfortunately soccer goals still tip and fall over, especially when someone grabs or climbs on it, so there had to be a better solution. He then decided to invent an easy to install, cost effective soccer goal anchor called Kwik Anchor to prevent this from happening.

Our unique Kwik Anchor systems are made from zinc coated steel and designed to be installed on natural grass or synthetic turf fields and can also be used for other anchoring needs. The anchors are attached to coated steel auger anchor pilings or can be also installed on concrete footings. Steel cables are wrapped around the base of the goal at the two rear corners attached to a padlock and hook of the anchor. Two anchors are needed per goal.

Our special safety cushion which is always installed on the top of the anchor has an impact rating of 125 GMAX protects players when the goals are on or off the fields. Our unique pivot system makes the top go a flat side or a hook side for attaching the security cables and padlocks. Kwik Anchor is patent pending, made entirely in Canada from the highest quality materials, and has been tested by independent certified laboratories.

We know that by choosing our products, you will be providing your clients with an excellent safety feature for the long term. Please feel free to contact us for any additional information.

Best regards,
Jacques (Jim) Prévost, President / Inventor

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